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A Training, Filtering, Recruitment & Onboarding Tool for Delivery Apps & People

With Service Club, food and parcel delivery companies all over the world can quickly reach thousands of trained and filtered courier applicants, ready to onboard within a moment’s notice.
Delivery People with the right mindset will never be short of jobs again!

“Brilliant project that aims to help solve one of the most recent problems in supply chain management.”


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We are building global courier fleets for…

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

We learn your needs and habits. You never run low in courier numbers in any region!


Couriers trained for customer service, communication, health & safety and even pandemic management.

Filtered Applicants
Filtered Applicants

All ID and work permits checked in advance. No more applicants with legal limitations.

Smart Matching
Smart Matching

Courier match according to skills, experience, location, language, vehicle ownership & driver’s license.

Speedy Onboarding
Speedy Onboarding

With all advertising, training, document collection and filtering done by Service Club, you can onboard your courier applicants right away.


Couriers ready to deliver a variety of goods: food, parcel, post, pharmacy goods, clothes, books, supermarket shopping, literally anything that can be bought online.

Star Rating
Star Rating

Couriers rated by previous companies for skills, professionalism, reliability and presentability. So you have an idea who you are adding to your workforce.

Increased Retention & Lifetime Value
Increased Retention & Lifetime Value

Trained, certified and supported couriers have 60% longer lifetime in delivery industry.

Select couriers according to their micro-learning on:

  • Essentials of Food Delivery
  • Essentials of Parcel Delivery
  • Health & Safety during Delivery
  • Safety in Delivery Jobs During a Pandemic
  • Emotional Intelligence & Dispute Resolution
  • English for Delivery Jobs
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Seeking work as a courier?

Why become a Service Club Member?

To be hired by some of the biggest delivery companies in the world.

  • Freelancers can find work from multiple delivery apps so they can fill even off-peak times of the day.
  • Various full-time opportunities all over the world depending on your location, skills and vehicle of your choice.
  • Service Club Academy to learn new skills and get certified so you can apply for a variety of opportunities; with our short, fun, addictive teaching method, learning and job hunting have never been easier.
  • Service Club Membership which means support and guidance throughout your delivery career.

Why delivery becomes a career with Service Club?

Service Club is a friendly and inclusive job platform exclusively for delivery people! This is where you learn new skills, get certified, have access to support and guidance to turn delivery jobs into reliable income.

Seeking Delivery Couriers?

Why use Service Club to hire couriers?

Staff rotation is the biggest problem of every delivery app in the world.

  • Courier lead generation cost can be as high as €35 per “unfiltered lead”.
  • Only 10-12% of unfiltered leads end up completing the onboarding.
  • 80% of freelance couriers quit within one year.
  • 65% of them quit within the first 6 weeks.


We offer on-demand access to freelance, part-time or full-time couriers…

  • Filtered leads at reduced cost.
  • 80% increased onboarding.
  • 50% improved retention and lifetime value.
  • 3rd party solution for upskilling low skilled workers.

How it works

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