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Delivery Weekly News Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #5


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Welcome to our latest edition of the Delivery Industry Weekly News Roundup, your trusted source for the most up-to-date insights and developments in this dynamic sector. From the latest trends in last-mile delivery to regulatory updates that shape the future of gig workers, we bring you a comprehensive overview of the stories that matter. Join us as we explore the transformative forces driving the delivery industry forward, connecting businesses, consumers, and delivery professionals in exciting and sometimes unexpected ways.


Top Headlines from the last 7 days:


Delivery Weekly News Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #5 - Untitled design 27Judge Affirms Pay Raise for Food Delivery Workers in New York.

A judge in New York City has upheld a new minimum pay law for app-based food delivery workers. The law will require platforms to pay workers around $18 per hour initially, starting in October, with the rate increasing to $20 per hour by 2025. Currently, delivery workers make an average of $11 per hour in the city. The judge’s decision supports the wage increase and allows it to proceed, but Relay, a smaller food delivery platform, has been granted the ability to continue challenging the increase due to its different business model.Labour advocacy groups celebrated the ruling, highlighting the ongoing debate over worker rights and compensation in the gig economy.


Delivery Weekly News Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #5 - Untitled design 28Electric Air Taxi Delivery Marks Collaboration Between Joby, NASA, and Air Force with Implications for the Delivery Industry.

Joby Aviation has delivered an electric air taxi to the U.S. Air Force for testing. NASA is also involved, exploring its potential for everyday use in civilian airspace. NASA and AFWERX plan to start testing the air taxi in 2024, focusing on air traffic management and infrastructure integration, which could impact the delivery industry. This aligns with NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) research, aimed at advancing air transportation technologies, including drones for delivery and emergency response. The collaboration builds on previous noise and flight testing research between NASA and Joby, supporting innovations that may shape the future of deliveries.

Delivery Weekly News Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #5 - Untitled design 29Choice Hotels Teams Up with Grubhub to Offer Food Delivery at 500 Hotels.

Choice Hotels International has teamed up with Grubhub to provide off-premise food options to guests at 500 participating hotels, where guests can order food through Grubhub’s mobile app without delivery fees. The collaboration aims to expand Choice’s Choice Privileges loyalty program and enhance the guest experience. Guests will also receive one free month of Grubhub+ for orders over $12. Choice Hotels joins other hotel chains like Hilton, Sonesta, Wyndham, and Hyatt in partnering with food delivery platforms to cater to guest preferences.


Delivery Weekly News Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #5 - yUber Eats to Accept Food Stamps for Grocery Orders Starting January 2024.

Starting in January, food stamp recipients will have the option to use Uber Eats for grocery orders, aimed at reducing access barriers to fresh groceries, especially for vulnerable populations like those in food deserts, seniors, and individuals with disabilities or transportation challenges. Uber Eats plans to leverage its technology and local delivery networks to provide SNAP recipients with convenient access to quality food through its app in 2024. Additionally, the company is collaborating with Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans to accept flexible spending accounts (Flex Cards) and certain waiver payments, with select payment methods becoming available in 2024.


Thank you for staying tuned to this week’s Delivery Industry Weekly News. We hope you found our coverage informative and insightful. Be sure to join us next week for another edition, where we’ll continue to unpack the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the world of delivery. Until then, stay updated, stay informed, and keep delivering excellence!

The Service Club Team

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