Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4 - 2023.09.21 Blog Thumbnail

Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4

Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4

Welcome to this week’s edition of our blog’s weekly news roundup! As the world keeps spinning and events unfold, we’re here to keep you informed and engaged with the latest happenings on the delivery industry. From breaking headlines to intriguing stories from various corners of the globe, our team has scoured the news to curate a concise and informative snapshot of the week’s top events in the delivery industry. Whether you’re looking to stay updated on current affairs, explore fascinating trends, or simply stay in the know, you’re in the right place. So, grab your coffee, take a seat, and let’s dive in!

Top Headlines from the last 7 days:

Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4 - Foodifox locker with lunchbox g9khjyMelbourne Introduces Thermal Lockers to Enhance Food Delivery Efficiency.

New metal lockers are being installed in Melbourne’s buildings to address food delivery challenges. Foodifox’s thermal lockers keep food warm for three hours, benefiting delivery drivers and customers. These lockers prevent theft, simplify food pickups, and maintain food safety. They are currently used by HungryPanda and Fantuan and plan to expand to partner with Uber Eats and DoorDash. Meanwhile, other delivery platforms focus on improving delivery bags for food quality control.


Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4 - downloadAldi launches takeaway pizza delivery service.

Aldi is launching a pizza delivery service in student cities like Manchester, Cardiff, and Edinburgh, inspired by Domino’s. Their pizzas cost £3.99 each, claimed to be 83% cheaper than Domino’s. The service, starting on October 3, coincides with University Freshers Week. Customers can order up to two pizzas with no delivery charge and can pre book delivery time slots starting from September 18. Aldi’s pizza range includes flavours like “The Meaty One,” “The Banger,” and “The Texas Style BBQ Chicken & Bacon.” This move aims to offer affordable pizzas as an alternative to high-street chains.


Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4 - 2 e1608292868163Venipak Expands Parcel Locker Network and Enters Dutch E-commerce Market.

International parcel company Venipak has completed its strategic expansion phase, connecting all three Baltic countries with a network of over 600 parcel lockers. The company plans to acquire an e-commerce wholesaler in the Netherlands and expand further westward. This expansion follows Venipak’s acquisition of Dutch e-commerce wholesaler Strengholt Entertainment BV, allowing Baltic businesses to trade on major e-commerce platforms. Venipak will act as an intermediary for its customers’ products in foreign markets and provide e-fulfillment services, reducing risks for e-commerce businesses entering new markets.

Delivery Weekly Roundup: Weekly Highlights – Issue #4 - man loading van with parcels“FedEx Launches Emissions Reporting Tool ‘Sustainability Insights’ for European Customers”.

FedEx Express Europe is introducing its self-serve emissions reporting tool, FedEx® Sustainability Insights, to customers in 11 European markets. This online tool, initially launched for US customers in May 2023, offers local language and metric adaptations for European customers. It uses package scan data to report historical CO2 equivalents, providing insights into estimated emissions from international and domestic shipments. The tool is available in various European countries, with plans to expand to over 25 European countries and 20 languages by the end of the year. FedEx aims to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040, including scope 3 emissions for contracted transportation.


As we bring this week’s edition of Delivery Industry Insights to a close, we want to extend a big thank you for being a part of our community. Your presence and engagement mean a lot to us!
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