how to quit a student job

How To Quit A Student Job? What Should You Do After A Student Job?

Part Time JobTo quit your job – any job – can be a tough decision. And quitting your student job is not easy, either. First jobs come with some sentimental memories – and it can be hard to leave.

However, the real question is – what should you do after you give your two weeks notice? What are the best jobs to take after that?

If you’re wondering how to quit a student job, continue reading our article – and find out everything about your future!

How To Quit A Student Job?

Resignation LetterQuitting a job that’s paid your bills for some time can be quite a trouble – but when it’s time, it’s time. That doesn’t mean that you should storm out with a day’s notice and no other explanation; don’t go down in history as the employee they couldn’t count on.

Instead, talk to your employer – preferably in person – and tell them what’s on your mind.

We’ll discuss additional steps you should take to make your resignation as uncomplicated as possible. But before all else, request a formal meeting with your employer or manager at your current company. When asking for a meeting, make sure to point out that you want it to happen as soon as possible.

Is A Conversation Enough, Or Should You Write A Resignation Letter?

conversation with supervisorWhen you’re talking to your employer or supervisor, how you start the conversation is the key to success.

It’s best to start by thanking them for the fantastic opportunity they have given you. Also, mention how employment at their company provided you with professional education that you’ll appreciate forever. Only then, let them know that you’re looking to resign.

On a related note, you can even consider writing a conventional resignation letter to quit a part-time job. Besides stating the need to resign, you’ll need to note why you no longer wish to be an employee.

You can show appreciation for the time spent at the company and perhaps even thank HR for the help, answers, and resources they’ve provided for you during your employment.

Here’s another suggestion:

You could also mention that you’d like to help train your replacement. That shows that you’re professional and might even earn you the reference you might want on your new job search.

Do You Need To Set The Last Day And Give Two Weeks Notice?

When you start the talk on a positive note, person to person, you can then move on to discussing and setting the last day of your work.

You can’t just move on to your new position. Give your boss plenty of time to find and train someone new before your final employment date rolls around – maybe even recommend someone to the Human Resources.

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How To Stay Focused And Leave On Good Terms?

When you’re already looking to quit your part-time job, it can be easy to lose focus once you’ve filed your letter of resignation. Please don’t be too worried; it’s perfectly normal to lose excitement for your part-time job once you give a two-week notice.

No matter how great and reliable of a worker you were, leave your place of employment on good terms when you transition to your new career.

Doing a great job even when you want to quit will leave a professional impression – and it will certainly be practical if you tell your employer or supervisor you need them to write a letter of recommendation.

Can You Request A Letter Of Recommendation?

Your place of employment giving you a letter of recommendation will do more for you than any other reference could. That can be key for kick-starting your new career – and it’s one of the top tips we can offer you.

You want the potential employer to know that you were included in every process and cherished part of the team at your previous position. That alone can contribute to getting you employed.

How Do You Prepare For The Future?

Resignation Letter 2Maybe you’ve worked part-time to put yourself through college or school or to help your family out. Either way, you resigning will leave you without pay – unless you already have a job lined up.

Are you on the search for a full-time job? Did you get an answer from any company’s manager yet? Are you looking for any opportunity to work at any position – or are you looking for something specific?

Whatever the case, you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to do next long before quitting, writing a resignation letter, or giving the two weeks’ notice.

Don’t quit a part-time job before having an answer to all these questions.

Perhaps your employer didn’t give you enough shifts, or you weren’t happy with the money you were making. Or maybe your position was too stressful. Either way, this could be your sign to start a career being a courier.

As an employee of the delivery business, you get to set your schedule, how much you’re going to work – and even choose your team. And besides the fact that you’re in control, the salary’s pretty good, too.

Quitting Your Student Job – Bottom Line

Part Time Job 2Like we said, giving the two weeks’ notice is challenging – but sometimes, it’s a good idea to leave. On a related note, working as a courier can be the ideal way to quit your part-time job and start delivering full-time:

Being a courier gives you incredible flexibility when it comes to your working hours. You get to work any number of days a week – and earn quite a lot for a day of work, too.

We’re offering you a way to skip the lengthy job hunting. Become a Service Club member and take the first step to make positive changes in your life – apply for courier jobs that are far more flexible and far less stressful than your current one!

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