United Nations named 30 start-ups that will save hospitality. Spanish start-up Service Club is one of them. - 1606821447776

United Nations named 30 start-ups that will save hospitality. Spanish start-up Service Club is one of them.

Press Release, Barcelona, 1 December 2020

Spanish training and recruitment platform company, Service Club, saw a gap in the market and used the lockdown to fully adapt their existing technology to the needs of the delivery industry globally. Their quick pivot got the attention of United Nations World Tourism Organisation and won them their Hospitality Challenge out of almost 1000 applicants worldwide.

United Nations named 30 start-ups that will save hospitality. Spanish start-up Service Club is one of them. - 1606821616555

Covid has been the hardest on hospitality. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants globally closed their doors permanently leaving millions unemployed. One of the biggest “new normals” in hospitality is delivery services; uptake of delivery services doubled and became the fastest growing branch of hospitality. Food delivery sector is expected to be worth $200 billion 2025 according to Forbes.

However, according to Service Club, there are issues in the industry. Many of them. One high-end restaurant owner in Barcelona says: “Your food entirely loses its value when its delivered late by an unprofessional individual who does not carry your restaurant’s hard established quality and values.”

Service Club, formerly a training and recruitment platform for hospitality industry, quickly identified that as delivery services are here to stay during and after Covid, the volume and quality of delivery people have to improve urgently.

The Service Club proprietary technology platform uses advanced algorithms to filter and rate delivery job seekers, according to their experience and job fit, but also, crucially their commitment to upskilling through taking the microlearning training modules. Small chunks of fun, addictive, game-like training not only teaches delivery people how to be the best in what they do but also how to be safe in traffic or even in the face of a pandemic. Trained and certified couriers are then matched with local delivery jobs.

Founder and CEO of Service Club, Zeynep Demirbilek commented on the ‘Aha moment’:

“Delivery people are unhappy. They are overworked, underpaid and unvalued. Restaurants need delivery companies more than ever. However, most delivery companies are struggling creating and maintaining happy fleets. As much as most of these delivery apps have brilliant technologies, one thing remains: delivery is a human job. Service Club is now the bridge between these great technologies and equally great the humans these technologies are reliant on.”

Another important aspect of Service Club is its Academy specifically designed for delivery people. Service Club created 260 modules of microlearning training and made them available to delivery people free of charge.

“From public speaking to basic coding, delivery people of Service Club are now able to upskill themselves while waiting outside restaurants for the packages or during the awkward gaps in between deliveries and download their certificates.”

Being able to discover new interest and skills help couriers see the light in this what appears to be a dead-end job, according to the company. Zeynep adds:

“It is the delivery people who told us what to do. We have interviewed over 600 delivery people while creating our award-winning product currently used by 18,000 couriers in Spain and in the UK. They told us that in between deliveries, there is no time to upskill themselves. They told us education is expensive and can’t be paid with delivery income. They told us that it is the inability of seeing the future is the reason behind all the anger.”

In Service Club platform, delivery people have a community. They find tips, tricks, support and guidance on a daily basis. They share their stories with each other and more importantly, they get training and certificates on not only delivery related subjects but also in any other new or existing area of interest.

Service Club claims that couriers hired from them have a 50% higher retention rate and lifetime value.

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