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The Best Map App for Delivery Drivers

The Best Map App for Delivery Drivers: Who Comes Out on Top?

Are you a delivery rider that wants to improve their navigation time while on the job? Or would you like to start working as one but you don’t know which applications to download for the job?

Being a delivery driver typically requires important map usage, unless you are the ultimate navigation expert of your city or town. It is important to have the best route planner, and the most accurate maps app since time truly is money when working in the delivery industry.

This blog article will help you choose the best map app for delivery drivers so you can optimise your time and skills as a delivery driver. Read on for our roundup of the best map apps for delivery drivers!

best map apps for delivery driversHow to choose the best map app for delivery drivers.

Every map application has different tools and advantages. You should look into what you need more specifically before deciding what the best map app for delivery drivers is.

What you need on your maps app will depend on your geographical location, type of device being used, number of deliveries you need to complete, familiarity with certain apps,  your vehicle, accuracy and overall user experience. Perhaps your delivery job is also specific to a location, or the role has strict requirements on which particular vehicle can be used.

Some food company deliveries for example require bicycles, whereas with others you can use motorbikes. As for parcel delivery and multi-drop delivery, although you’ll be mainly driving to your destination, some walking may have to be done to deliver the goods at the right spot.

All in all, different apps will be useful for the varying wants and needs that you may have.

The Best Map Apps for Delivery Drivers

Google Maps 

Google Maps is a classic phone app that we all know and love. It is user friendly and easy to grow accustomed to. Its features have become increasingly useful and accurate. It now includes group planning and ETA’s.

Google maps is also very optimal for restaurants and local businesses to gain visibility and popularity.

Google Maps is straightforward if you are planning on making approximately 10 stops. However, it may not be the best application if you are planning on taking several stops.


Waze is an extremely popular tool for drivers as it has very accurate real-time traffic jam notifications. It is known for working and planning routes around traffic jams. Approximately 140 million delivery drivers use Waze. It is definitely a go-to for many people in the delivery industry. In essence, Waze is the best app if you’re looking to have different routes proposed to you. It is also the best app to avoid traffic.


HereWEGO has a voice navigation system that also includes information about parking. Some other key features include speed assistance which informs you whether you’re going over the speed limit at a given time, lane assistance and offline maps, so that you don’t depend heavily on your mobile data to work.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is of course only for Apple users, however if you do own an iPhone, then asking for directions has never been easier with Siri. This is a great option if you want a hands-free app, which also provides users with some 3D landscapes.

This way you can have a different visual experience of a map. Apple Maps also uses slightly less data than its competitors which is important to consider if you’re not willing to use a lot of mobile data while working.


TomTom has evolved into a great navigation product. TomTom’s in their old form were frequently used before smartphones existed, and now they also have an app. It offers smart voice navigation, and similarly to the other apps it gives real time information, lane instructions and traffic information.

A Specialised Route Planner App. 

Maybe a dedicated route planning app will turn out to be the nest map app for delivery drivers! Circuit Route Planner is an ideal app for route planning in the most optimal times. It also allows you to make notes about your different stops.

Another very useful route optimization application is OptimoRoute. OptimoRoute is great for planning and scheduling your work day. All in all, by having a route planner app, you can work efficiently, quickly and smoothly which also means increased customer satisfaction, which can translate into increased deliveries for you.

sign up call to actionThe benefits of using a map app while driving


Using a map app while driving is convenient. Even if you know all the routes by heart, it’d be hard to predict when there would be a traffic jam caused by an unexpected event on the road. Using modern day technology onto our maps app, goes further than simply knowing your way around, it’s about convenience and efficiency.


By using real-time measures of how the road ahead resembles, you can increase your speed. By having planned out routes with some of the best navigation apps, they will likely show you the fastest routes ahead, helping you be the fastest delivery driver on the road! Being able to optimse your speed and how quickly your goods are delivered, will likely help you get even more money.

Route planning 

Not everyone knows the city or the town off by heart, that’s why technology is so useful. Map apps are great for route planning so you can know your way ahead of time. You can use the information on the journey planner as you go, or you can even plan ahead.

Being a delivery driver, really does not require multiple technical skills, as long as you can plan your route with these special apps, and use a vehicle, you’re all set!


Speed and convenience aside, the best map app for delivery drivers will know that safety matters, and these apps will help you avoid dangerous obstacles ahead. Nevertheless it is important to also use the apps safely. Make sure you have your eyes on the road at all times, and ensure that you’re still using the road signs correctly. With this in mind, you can use these types of apps to your advantage!

Tips for using a map app while driving

Using an app can’t be that hard right? Well, there are some things to consider before actively depending on maps apps while on the road. After all, you are still driving on the road and safety always comes first! Here are some tips for using a map app while driving:


1.  Be aware of your surroundings

While this may be an obvious tip, it is important to keep your eyes on the road. Having a phone on can be distracting, so make sure you’re always attentive to what is happening around you. Try to keep your other apps off so you don’t receive any distracting notifications.

2. Obey all traffic laws

Safety always comes first. Even if you’re not in a van or in a car, the rules apply to everyone, including those on a bike. If you obey all the rules you ensure that you are safe while on the job.

3.  Mount your device where it won’t be a distraction

It is impossible to navigate with your phone in one hand, and your other hand on the handlebar. You need to place your phone strategically.

You may need to set up your phone on a mount so you can have it placed on an optimal part of your bike without having to use your hands.

4.  Become familiar with your routes and the app

Yes, a maps app can give you all the information you need regardless of how familiar you are with the city. These apps sometimes replace our internal compasses and direct us through everything. However, it may be interesting for you to try and become familiar with your app so you can use it seamlessly.

It may also be useful for you to ride around the city beforehand and become familiar with with the main roads and routes if it is a city you didn’t know before. This way you know you can use the app and follow the instructions without any problems.

5.  Download other useful apps for couriers.

A map is the foundation for working in delivery. However ,there are other tools that can make your life at work much easier!

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  • What is the best GPS app for delivery drivers?

The best map app will depend on what you need as well as your device. Apple users have access to Apple Maps, which they may prefer over Google Maps, but again, preferences will vary, nevertheless the most popular apps are Google Maps, followed by Waze and then Apple Maps.

  • Is there an app to map out deliveries?

Yes, lucky for delivery drivers, there are apps that can be used alongside the maps apps to be able to plan out deliveries. An example of such is CircuitRoutePlanner. This app also has proof of delivery and works quickly if there are any other last minute problems with your delivery.

  • What is the best map app for delivery drivers?

There are many useful apps delivery drivers may need that are free of charge. Among some of these apps, there are useful tools such as toilet finders, gas station locations and route planners.

  • Can I make a delivery route on Google Maps?

Yes, you can make a delivery route on Google Maps and add up to 10 stops. You need to have your route sequence ready  and put the stops into the app manually, from there, you will receive your directions.

  • How do you optimise a delivery route?

Depending on how many stops you need to make, Circuit Route Planner is a great app to plan out routes and the stops.

  • What happens if your phone breaks or if your phone’s software breaks down? 

Sometimes technical problems occur. We’re so accustomed to relying on our phones all the time that we sometimes forget how to function without them, but worry not because here are some of our tips.

  • Ask someone for directions → In case you are really lost, and cannot orient yourself anymore, a good shout is to ask someone for directions or for help.
  • Turn your phone off and turn it back on again → Like humans, sometimes our phones also need a rest. Sometimes all you need to do is to turn off your phone and wait a minute or so, and turn it back on again for your software to start functioning properly
  • In the worst case scenario, if you believe that it’ll take you a long time to get your phone and your app to work again, cancel the ride so that your customer can be notified.

Nevertheless, there are some precautions that you could take beforehand. Carrying a power bank can always come in handy so that you’re always prepared. Or, as we’ve previously suggested, getting familiar with the city and specific main roads and statues will help you re-orient yourself in case you cannot use a map/

Who comes out on top?

In the end, which is the best map app for delivery drivers?

There are many wonderful options to choose from. Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps are the most popular among phone users, and this may be very well due to their cost-free and user-friendly nature. Waze is a great app to avoid traffic, whereas Google Maps is great as it is user friendly and useful for bike riders who prefer cycling on flat roads. Apple Maps on the other hand is great for instant navigation by voice. Nevertheless, there are other very useful apps such as HereWego and TomTom.

HereWEGO is great for poor phone service, since its offline features work very efficiently. TomTom also comes in handy with regards to voice directions and road instructions.

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