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How To Be A Better Delivery Driver? 8 Tips For Improving Your Skills

How To Be A Better Delivery Driver? 8 Tips For Improving Your Skills - delivery driver skillsBeing a delivery driver is a highly social job; you come in contact with various customers every day. There’s something fulfilling about safely delivering a package on time – and seeing a smile on your customer’s faces because they’re happy with your efficient service!

For any delivery company, a good delivery worker is essential. A poor delivery experience means customer complaints, costly redelivery, and lost revenue.

There are ways to avoid this, though – and it all comes down to being the best possible delivery driver you can be!

So, if you’re wondering how to be a better delivery driver, keep reading!

How To Be A Better Delivery Driver?

better delivery services#1 Be A Responsible Driver

Not everyone on the road is a good driver. Some people speed; some drift into another lane while texting – and others keep too close or make abrupt changes without signaling.

You can’t control others behind the wheel. However, using defensive driving 101 tactics can help you avoid dangers caused by their mistakes – and ensure that your delivery vehicle’s safe.

Good delivery drivers know that being responsible means avoiding distractions such as chatting on the phone, texting, eating, or changing the music while driving.

Safety while driving also entails being aware of other aggressive drivers in the area, predicting what they might do, and making the necessary modifications ahead of time. That will help you lower your chances of being involved in a car accident.

#2 Know Your Vehicle

Being an excellent driver is a necessary skill for this job – but so does knowing how to handle the traffic and how to deal with the vehicle if something goes wrong.

Good drivers know how to operate their cars and how to react to potentially harmful situations. So, be sure to keep info about the delivery vehicle in your mind at all times:

Is the vehicle powerful enough to safely carry out overtaking maneuvers? How hard do the brakes need to be pushed to stop the vehicle completely? Is the car fitted with anti-lock brakes (ABS)?

Knowing your vehicle and how to handle minor difficulties will be essential when you’re on the road – and will help you save time and maintain your delivery car in good condition.

#3 Ensure An Excellent Customer Experience

There’s more to it than responsible driving. You’re a reflection of your company – and being a people person is a huge part of it. So, don’t underestimate the importance of being friendly, having great attention to detail, and excellent communication skills – written and verbal – in this business.

Customers won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor brand if you’re unreliable, show up late, don’t get the correct orders, or are unpleasant. Strive to be calm and patient, and leave a positive impression – even if you encounter a difficult customer.

On-time delivery is a top concern, but traffic and weather can derail even the best thought-out plans. Keeping consumers aware of any delays and updating them with fresh ETAs is a sure method to elevate your deliveries from “good” to “exceptional.”

Sometimes a modest gesture makes a difference, too. For instance, carry a pen with you for customers that pay with a credit card or use an eSignature app – anything that may make the process more convenient.

#4 Don’t Be Late

Everyone’s time is valuable – and customers appreciate it if deliveries don’t waste theirs.

Nothing beats delivering a package on time and seeing a customer’s smiling face at the door. You have to make sure you’re punctual and reliable; that’s one way to ensure they’re happy with the service.

Timely delivery demonstrates that drivers value their customers’ time and can be trusted – so keep careful track of time.

#5 Be Organized

efficient deliveriesYou might as well give up a career as a delivery worker now if you can’t organize yourself, your route, or your day. Many drivers come into the industry expecting it to be easy – and get overwhelmed pretty quickly.

They believe that they’ll drive around, make a couple of deliveries, and then return home. You probably won’t be making “a couple of” deliveries per shift, though. That number will be much higher – which is why drivers need to be well organised.

If you don’t organize your time efficiently, it’ll result in a poor customer delivery experience – and loss of money if you’re constantly late or fail to deliver.

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#6 Plan Your Routes

Route planning is the most crucial aspect of ensuring a successful day, second only to the organisation bit.

Most package delivery businesses strive to assign their workers as many deliveries as they could handle to maximize profit on each shipment. That means you’ll have to be efficient and cover more routes.

Use your free time to plan how to cover everything to avoid wasting too many billable business hours. It might affect your performance for the day.

Planning your routes will likely be the most stressful portion of the day, so focus and make use of the available resources – Google maps, for example. Also, never be reluctant to ask other drivers on your team for assistance if it’ll make your day go more smoothly.

#7 Review Your Day

You should see an empty van once you’ve completed your last hour of deliveries.

That’s where you could go over your route and maybe spend a few minutes thinking about how you could’ve done things a bit more efficiently. It’s also an excellent time to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Similarly, you can learn from the things that didn’t go as planned – and remember not to make the same mistakes again.

#8 Be Honest

High ethical standards might not seem like a necessary quality for competent delivery drivers – but moral decisions can present themselves in various ways.

For example, having a good conscience is necessary to ensure that you’re not slacking, deviating from the prescribed route during working hours, or using corporate vehicles for personal purposes.

More importantly, be honest with your customers. If you’re late to deliver a package, don’t make up lousy excuses. It might make the customers lose their respect for you. Remember that honest communication is vital.

Becoming A Better Delivery Worker: Conclusion

You don’t need hawk-like eyesight or split-second reflexes to get things delivered. You’re on your way to being a well-respected and valued delivery worker as long as you’re responsible, follow the rules of the road – and ensure customer satisfaction.

Stick to our tips – and you’re halfway there.

If you’re looking for delivery driver jobs, sign up for Service Club – and apply for a job today!

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