Is A Delivery Job Worth It?

Are Delivery Driver Jobs Worth It? Should You Become a Food Delivery Driver?

A Delivery Driver on a Bike

Being here, you are probably considering becoming a food delivery driver.

Numerous third-party delivery services are constantly searching for new employees, including Uber Eats, Door Dash, Amazon Flex, and Instacart, to name a few. Getting the job shouldn’t be difficult, but the real question is – should you even consider it?

Are delivery driver jobs worth it? Or would becoming a delivery driver be a mistake?

We interviewed many delivery drivers and heard both great things and horror stories. The truth is, it depends on you – and, more specifically, your expectations.

No amount of employee reviews can tell you if a delivery career is for you, but we can help you make an informed decision by telling you what to expect and how things really stand in this line of work.

Let’s start right away!

What Are The Benefits Of Working As A Delivery Driver?

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Let’s start on a positive note, with some notable advantages of choosing this line of work.

1. Flexible Earnings & Decent Delivery Fees

Most delivery jobs allow you to work as much as you want – or need – to work. Most often, delivery drivers work as independent contractors with no hourly guarantee or minimum wage.

Instead, they work on a delivery-by-delivery basis – and that can be a good thing.

A company doesn’t control the work of the contractor (nor is it allowed to do that), and that means you are the boss.

Drivers receive a payment for each order they pick up and deliver to the customer. They can choose to work as much or as little as they want.

If you choose to pursue this career, you too will be able to decide whether you want an income to make ends meet or you want to earn more and be able to save up for something.

You can make your engagement a side gig, short-term, part-time employment, or a full-time job.

The more you work, the more you earn. So, if a driver puts every possible hour into delivering, there’s some amazing potential. If you choose to take that route, though, be careful not to overdo it and burn out quickly.

How much do drivers earn?

Most drivers make £11.50 per hour. They’re paid a fee for every pickup and drop-off, but they can also be paid for the wait time at the restaurant and the distance crossed. Drivers also get to keep 100% of all the received tips.

Read More About Earnings Potential:

2. Flexible Work Hours

If you want flexibility and free time for your family, studies, or doing something else, a delivery driver job might be the perfect solution you’re looking for here. Delivery driving is a great option for students since they can work around their classes and study time. Parents can also make an average pay or extra cash without renouncing their time with kids.

On-demand delivery can work around your busy schedule. As a result, you can plan your week as you like and make money on your own time.

How come?

Well, most delivery platforms allow you to choose when you’re available to deliver. For example, the Uber Eats app only requires you to tap the “Go” button, and you are ready to start working. Some food delivery platforms, such as the Amazon Flex, even allow drivers to reserve delivery blocks in advance.

3. Tips And Bonuses

Most companies in this line of work allow their drivers to receive tips from the customers. Most clients choose to tip through the app – and some of them are very generous.

On top of that, drivers often receive bonuses and incentives for working during peak hours or holidays. When it all adds up at the end of the day, it makes up a significant income boost. Many delivery drivers average around £20 per hour in net earnings thanks to tips and bonuses!

4. Quick Pay Turnarounds

When working a regular job, it usually takes a few weeks before you receive your first paycheck – even more so if it’s paid monthly. In contrast, most delivery gigs pay on a weekly basis.

All you need to do is complete the application process, wait for a background check, and submit your insurance company and driver’s license information.

You can start working as soon as you get approved and see your earnings flow into your bank account by direct deposit before the end of the next week.

In some cases, there’s an option to cash out your earnings instantly. Even though this might come in handy at times, we advise you against it. Why?

You can easily forget to put aside the money you need for taxes and working expenses (fuel, wear and tear on your car, and such).

5. No Boss Looking Over Your Shoulder

Do you like being micromanaged? We bet you said “No” – and most people feel that way, too.

As we have already mentioned, working as an independent contractor makes you your own boss. There are no minimum work requirements and no supervisors looking over your shoulder.

You plan your own schedule, decide how many deliveries you are willing to take, and get paid a delivery fee. As long as you do the job responsibly, you won’t have to hear any complaints.

6. No Taking Work Home & Work-Related Stress

Doing delivery work doesn’t include staying long hours (unless you want it) or taking work home. Your work begins the moment you agree to deliver food or goods – and ends the moment you complete the delivery.

If you don’t take another delivery, you’re done for the day.

The stress levels are dramatically lower than when working a regular eight-hour shift in most offices. It’s highly unlikely you will spend your nights worrying about your past or future deliveries.

Delivering food and goods is a simple task that does not require any specific knowledge or experience – anyone can succeed!

7. Low Commitment

If you find your pay rate is too low and you want more money or decide you want a more prestigious career than that of a pizza delivery driver, you can raise your anchor and move on. It is as simple as that!

Delivery gig usually requires no two-week notice. If a better opportunity comes along, you are free to take it!

delivery driver jobs registrationWhat Are The Downsides Of Working As A Delivery Driver?

delivery driver on a scooter

And for a few potential downsides…

1. No Guarantees

Having no guarantees is the biggest downside of being an independent contractor. Sometimes, things slow down with one company, and you can’t make enough money driving for them.

The good news is that you make your own decision. So, if you find that you’re not earning as much as you’ve hoped for with one company, you are free to try and find another company with better delivery fees.

Moreover, you can work for two or more food delivery companies simultaneously and receive delivery requests or food orders from different companies at the same time.

You drive your own vehicle, don’t you? Simply fire up another app!

2. Initial Investment

A food delivery position typically requires you to have your own vehicle (a bike, scooter, or car). You do not need to buy a new car, but you do need a working vehicle – preferably a low-maintenance one that can handle the inevitable wear and tear well.

You’ll have to be able to receive delivery offers, and for that, you’ll have to own a reliable smart phone with a data plan. The majority of people already have this, so you might not have to invest in it at all.

3. A Lot Of Interaction With People

As a driver, you’ll have to interact with a lot of customers and employees at local restaurants – that is in the delivery driver job description, but it’s also a part of good service.

The communication will be short and sweet, but even that can be too much if you are an introvert.

Sure, you could nod and say nothing, but we fear that could leave you empty-handed as far as tips go. It doesn’t hurt to say short greetings and wish every customer a nice day.

After all, you can have your alone time while you drive back and forth. Play your favorite music or enjoy the silence then! It’s better than having someone driving with you and trying to start up a conversation all the time.

The introverts can also rejoice in the “no contact” policy of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, it’s common to simply leave the order at the door and move on; there’s no need to chat with customers you have delivered food to!

Conclusion: Is A Delivery Job Worth It For You?

Pizza delivery might not be your dream job, but it does not mean you should not consider it – at least temporarily. In reality, just like any other delivery position, delivering pizza represents an excellent way to make some extra income – or even some good money.

If you want flexibility and freedom to make your own decisions, deliveries pay well and grant you all that. There are some negatives – but the positives outweigh them by far.

Our final advice is:

Consider all the pros and cons and walk in with eyes wide open! If you think delivery drivers don’t earn enough or work too hard, there are plenty of other jobs out there. But if you’d like to give it a shot, sign up for Service Club today!

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