What is food courier insurance

What Is Food Courier Insurance? – What Kind Of An Insurance Plan Do You Need?

insurance fast food deliveryAll over the globe, food delivery has been booming for a few years – and the UK is no exception. We can expect the demand to keep soaring. And with food delivery services being so popular, many people are interested in starting a career as a food delivery driver, too.

For takeaway delivery companies, ensuring that their business and food delivery drivers are protected is a must. That’s where this thing called “fast food delivery insurance” comes in as an addition to your car insurance, which doesn’t cover this type of business uses.

Since some – if not all – of the costs of having a car insurance policy will fall on the delivery drivers, it’s principal for you only to pay for what you need. So, continue scrolling to find out what is food courier insurance – or car insurance for delivering food – and how you can get it!

What Is Food Courier Insurance?

financial conduct authorityFirst off, it’s worth noting that food deliveries or takeaway are something virtually every person in the United Kingdom will likely seek at least a few times a month. The UK’s named the “takeout nation” for a reason, after all.

Consequently, that’s why there are so many companies that deliver food – and the business only seems to be growing.

Couriers working deliveries must be protected from various things while working – for example, being involved in an accident. That’s why they need food courier/delivery driver insurance:

To limit the liability of the company and themselves.

Customized policies set up with insurance providers work the best because they offer good coverage of your damages – along with vehicle insurance. The food courier insurance, also called fast-food delivery insurance, is a business insurance policy specifically created for the fast-food industry.

This type of fast food delivery insurance is an insurance policy created to protect the delivery industry and the worker when delivering items to the client. It’s vital to note that this is not standard car insurance – as it covers the personal car or the company vehicle and the items being delivered, or more specifically, the cost of food you need to deliver.

Do All Couriers Need Fast Food Delivery Insurance?

What Is Food Courier Insurance? - What Kind Of An Insurance Plan Do You Need? - 3 courier insuranceIn theory, yes – and every courier should get food delivery car insurance to stay protected while doing takeaway delivery. The issue at hand is that many people don’t realize that they’re not protected with their regular insurance – especially if they’re using their personal vehicle to do food deliveries.


Well, it counts as an additional risk because it’s viewed as “time-dependent.”

If an accident does happen, you could find yourself without any protection, taking full liability and the accompanying cost for the accident. That’s why you need to have the right level of insurance – and the right type of insurance. It’s the only way to ensure full protection.

Courier insurance goes beyond the “Social, Domestic, and Pleasure” aspects of private car insurance and includes the events that take place when using the vehicle as a fast-food delivery car. On that note, the takeaway delivery insurance can cover other vehicles, such as electric bikes, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, and vans used to perform a delivery service.

What Type Of Delivery Car Insurance Policies Are There?

What Is Food Courier Insurance? - What Kind Of An Insurance Plan Do You Need? - 4 insurance fast food deliveryIf you contact a number of specialist insurance providers authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered in England and Wales, you’ll probably be surprised at the insurance quotes you might be expected to pay. Many are way too expensive for drivers and can consume a large portion of the money earned – making them unreasonable.

That’s why you shouldn’t opt for the first insurance policy you find. Rather, take your time to compare fast food delivery insurance policies and get a quote from every company before you settle for one.

Remember, staying covered at all times will not only limit your liability but will save you money in the event of an accident.

There are different types of insurance coverage in the United Kingdom – so, let’s compare:

The most popular option out of all insurance quotes is the “pay as you go” form of insurance.

delivery driver jobs registration

It provides good coverage, and you pay the insurance cost during the business hours only – as in, when you work – using the balance you paid in advance at the registered office. The “pay as you go” coverage is comprehensive and offers delivery cover, third party, fire, and theft. The only flaw of this type of business insurance is that it doesn’t cover personal use. So, you’ll still need to have regular insurance for your vehicle.

Then, you have the 30-day delivery business insurance, which covers the delivery costs, third party, fire, and theft. It provides comprehensive protection, and personal use is covered, as well. It’s paid up-front, month to month.

Lastly, we have the annual insurance policy, which can be paid upfront or in monthly installments. It covers everything from business to personal use, and all you need is to pick out a type of coverage and your vehicle registration number to get your policy!

What’s The Average Cost Of Fast Food Courier Insurance In The UK?

What Is Food Courier Insurance? - What Kind Of An Insurance Plan Do You Need? - 5 food insuranceThe range for commercial vehicles goes from £700 to £1200 per year. And since courier food delivery vehicles fall into the category of commercial vehicles, these costs apply to them, too. Add-ons to your policy will generally cost an additional £75 to £250 per add-on.

The age, size, and value of your vehicle, your driving record, and the areas where you’ll be working as a food courier could all affect your costs.

What Is Food Courier Insurance – The Take-Away

What Is Food Courier Insurance? - What Kind Of An Insurance Plan Do You Need? - 6 food delivery insuranceTo conclude, getting a takeaway vehicle insurance cover will save you money in the long run. Accidents happen when you least expect them – and that’s why you need proper coverage that will protect your business vehicle.

There are many insurance coverage plans out there, though, and not all are affordable; we recommend that you compare quotes online before making your choice. The rest is easy – you can even apply via an online form and get your food delivery insurance!

But first, sign up for Service Club. Takeaway delivery companies – such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo – are always looking to hire new members for their teams!

delivery driver jobs registration

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