How to change from car to bike on uber eats

How To Change From Car To Bike On Uber Eats? – Doing Food Deliveries The Eco Way

Car To Bike On Uber EatsRiding a bicycle for leisure activities or commutes to and from work is growing in popularity every day. Along with that, so are bicycle deliveries – now you can see a delivery person riding a bike all around the city!

If you are currently one of the drivers using a car to get around and are thinking of changing your ways to a bicycle, it’s normal to have questions about it.

How can you change vehicles in the Uber Eats system? What are the eligibility requirements?

There are plenty of things you need to know to get approved, so continue scrolling to find out more!

How To Change From Car To Bike On Uber Eats?

bike food deliveredDriving a bicycle may seem like a cheaper transportation method – and it is. However, you will need to consider a few things before changing anything on the platform – and we will cover them all below.

An Uber Eats driver using a bicycle can be a great way to earn some extra money, doing it part-time or full-time.

Many people get confused when they try to change the vehicle for food delivery to a bicycle, though.

If you wish to change, remember that all Uber partners must have the vehicles changed and registered on the app. If the app manages to determine you’re driving an incorrect type of vehicle more than once, you could lose the right to use the driver app.

If it all seems too confusing – all you need to do is contact Uber support, and you will see your bike visible in the system. It’s pretty simple!

What Do You Need To Do On The Driver App To Deliver Via A Bike?

uber eats delivyerUber Eats requires a few things before you can register for using the driver app.

For starters, to apply for your delivery account, you must be of legal age – meaning, over 18 years old. When applying for the account, you can pick out the transportation method – bicycle or by foot, but if you’re already one of the Uber Eats partners, you will need to send a message to the support staff and change the vehicle from “car” or “scooter” to “bike.”

To confirm your age, you will need a US-issued driver’s license or some other form of state-issued identification card. So, the exact document requirements apply to delivery drivers working in the UK.

Uber will need you to upload your ID/driver’s license to confirm whether you are meeting the eligibility requirements. When you are taking a picture of your documents, make sure that the document image is well lit and of good quality.

Also, the ID should not be expiring in the next couple of months – and it must be a photo, not a scan. The account name needs to match the name on the ID or driver’s license, and the image on the ID needs to be easy to see.

Then, you will be put through a background check; Uber Eats does them through a third-party provider called Checkr. Keep in mind that the assessment could take a couple of days.

If the background check shows nothing, you will be approved for the documents to start delivering by bike or foot on the Uber Eats platform!

Things You Need To Get Started As A Delivery Person

uber-eats-deliveryFirst of all, you will need a decent degree of body fitness – as you’ll be pedaling your bicycle quite a bit each day. Delivering with a bicycle is an excellent option as you will get some good exercise while earning money – and that’s certainly something you miss out on when working with a car, scooter, or motorbike.

Plus, you don’t need liability insurance for the vehicle.

Something many people forget about bike deliveries is that it’s more difficult to ride a bike with a heavy, insulated bag. Pretty much every Uber Eats delivery person avoided delivering pizza at the beginning, as it can be a real pain to keep a good balance with a family pizza box.

Luckily, with some practice, it does become easier.

Take into account that you’ll need to buy some proper clothing for Uber Eats bike delivery; it can get rather cold when you’re out riding – and there is no roof to protect you from the rain.

You also need a safety helmet and a carry bag to deliver the online orders.

delivery driver jobs registration

It should go without saying, but – your bicycle needs to be durable and reliable to get you (and the customer’s order) from point A to point B. The bike needs a fender or a basket to store the food in – and you will need to wear visible clothing for safety. That applies to delivery drivers on a motorbike or a scooter, as well.

Then, you will need a smartphone with a working location feature and a bank account to receive the payments for your phone.

Note that you need to be the owner of the account – it needs to be registered in your name.

How To Switch From Car To Bike On Uber Eats – Bottom Line

How To Change From Car To Bike On Uber Eats? - Doing Food Deliveries The Eco Way - clem onojeghuo P7 EB3gQuA unsplash minTo conclude, switching to the bike can cut back on your expenses – and it’s an excellent way to get paid to bike to your customers. The benefits are endless:

You make your schedule, and you don’t have many expenses, such as liability insurance for the scooter or motorbike.

If all that seems enticing, join us today at Service Club. It’s easy to register on the driver platform – and making trips on bikes can be what you’ve been looking for all along!

delivery driver jobs registration

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