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Amazon Flex vs DoorDash 2022 Guide

Amazon Flex vs DoorDash is a common question asked by people looking to get into delivery driving as a career, part time job or side hustle. In this article we are looking at the delivery driver/courier opportunities that exist with some of the big names compared to Service Club, a newer name in the US market, and how Service club fits in and enhances the delivery industry as a whole

With the ‘Gig economy’ on the rise globally there are more and more people looking at this type of work to make extra money on top of their jobs, family, or student commitments. There are of course also people who work full time with these types of self-employed gigs. In this article we are looking at the delivery driver/courier opportunities that exist with some of the big names compared to Service Club, a newer name in the US market.

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So, are you looking to become a delivery driver as a side hustle or as a full-time income?  If the answer is yes, which gig provider should you choose?  We compare Amazon Flex and Door Dash with Service Club and see which one is better for people looking to get into the delivery business as couriers on a part-time, full time or flexible basis.

Before we get started it should be noted that all these services provide the opportunity to work on a self-employed basis, you have the flexibility to choose your work, but it comes with some additional responsibility around taxes.  That is outside the scope of this article, the official gov website will help you to understand your responsibilities as a self-employed person in the US.

Amazon Flex vs Door Dash comparison with Service Club

Now that is out of the way let’s look at each of the companies and what they do and compare Amazon Flex vs Doordash vs Service Club.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a part-time, on-demand job that gives you the opportunity to make money by delivering packages for Amazon. You can deliver for, Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and store orders. You use your own vehicle so it must be reliable, and you need to be 21 years or older and have a valid driver’s license.

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What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food delivery service that allows you to deliver food from local restaurants to customers’ doorsteps. As an independent contractor you can choose your own schedule. You must be 18 years old or older and have access to a reliable vehicle.

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What is Service Club?

Service Club is a member only platform for delivery drivers and couriers working in the gig economy and beyond. Members of Service Club are the top performing couriers as the platform not only provides access to jobs with all the major delivery companies but is a fully fledged academy allowing them to skill-up and become more employable.

Ultimately Service Club is an on-demand platform that connects businesses with delivery drivers. Businesses can post jobs they need completed and the skilled members of Service Club can apply knowing that the businesses appreciate their professionalism.

Unlike other services in this article, they do not provide any direct jobs, rather they make jobs from multiple employers available to their members. Like the others here there are some restrictions, in that you must be 18 years old or older and have access to a reliable vehicle suitable for the job you are applying to.

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Now we know what each company does, let’s investigate whether working directly for one or the other is the best option for your situation and examine if Service Club can be an alternative.

Amazon Flex vs DoorDash

There are few similarities between each of these employers, although they operate in distinct sectors, they are often compared against each other when someone is looking to move into the courier business.  Like all things your own circumstances will determine if one suits you better than another, so let’s look at how they stack up for you.


Amazon Flex is a bit more limited in terms of the areas that they operate in that currently, it is only available in select cities across the United States.  DoorDash, on the other hand, is available across every state in the USA.  Depending on your location and whether Amazon Flex is available to you will determine if it is of any use to you.

Winner:  DoorDash wins this round by default!


As far as pay goes, both Amazon Flex and DoorDash guarantee a minimum amount that you will earn per delivery. However, with Amazon Flex, you also have the potential to earn bonuses based on things like completing a certain number of deliveries or having a high customer satisfaction rating.

The base pay rate for Amazon Flex is usually $18 per hour* while the base pay rate for DoorDash is generally $15 per hour*. However, the per-delivery fees vary depending on the order total.

Naturally, your total earnings will be determined by many things, including where you are located, any tips you get, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other variables.

*In real terms both these hourly rates are aspirational, your actual hourly rate with Amazon is affected by distance between jobs, how far from the depot you go before starting and whether each delivery can be completed successfully.  

The same applies to DoorDash to a lesser degree as their delivery jobs are more local than Amazons and you choose on a per delivery basis.

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It’s hard to pick a winner in pay terms as there are so many variables, as they both offer decent earning opportunities in different ways., Although Amazon’ hourly rate seems higher, anecdotal evidence suggests that fuel costs are more, so it balances out.

Winner: Let’s call this one a draw!

Work Hours

One similarity between Amazon Flex vs DoorDash is that both companies allow drivers to set their own schedules. This means that you can choose when you want to work and how many hours you want to work each week.

There are no minimum hours required and you can even schedule your shifts around your other commitments.

However, with Amazon Flex, you do have to commit to set blocks of time that you will be available to make deliveries. Usually these are blocks of time on days with morning, afternoon, and evening blocks available each day.

Delivery agents make their way to the appropriate depot, load their vehicle, and then start deliveries, as the pay is on a ‘per delivery’ basis this, and the journey home is unpaid time and could amount to a couple of hours around each shift.

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DoorDash does not have this same time block requirement so is a bit more flexible in that respect.  As the Doordash service is much more local than Amazon there is less time wasted in getting started and finishing, basically, switching the app on when you start and off when you finish.

Winner: DoorDash wins this one on flexibility but the type of work will not be for everyone.


So, what’s the verdict? When comparing Amazon Flex with DoorDash. both companies offer the opportunity to earn extra money on your own schedule, you can work as much or as little as you want. If you’re looking for a delivery driver side hustle that offers the most flexibility in terms of hours, location, and type of vehicle then DoorDash is the clear winner.

However, if you’re looking for an option that offers the potential to earn more money through bonuses and you have a car or larger vehicle, then Amazon Flex may be a better choice for you if it is available in your location.

Key Differences Comparing Amazon Flex vs DoorDash:

  • Location: Amazon Flex is available in select cities, DoorDash is available nationally
  • Pay: Amazon pays better but has more costs in general than DoorDash.
  • Flexibility: DoorDash is more flexible because Amazon Flex requires drivers to commit to set blocks of time while DoorDash is more of a turn up and go gig.

Where does Service Club fit in?

Now that we’ve looked at Amazon Flex vs DoorDash, let’s compare Service Club to Amazon Flex & DoorDash.

Service club is not really the same as the other 2 services in that it does not offer employment with Service Club directly.  It allows couriers to access jobs and gigs from multiple delivery service providers including some discussed here.   To see how they fit within the industry let’s compare as we did for the other 2.


Both Service Club and Amazon Flex are not yet available nationwide as DoorDash is, however Service Club has recently launched in the US and is on a growth curve so will be available in more locations with more being added regularly.


Service club does not compete on pay as they do not pay you, rather your pay is that of the service you choose to deliver for through the Service club platform.  There is an argument to be made that Service Club members will earn more as they have the training and skills to make their working time more productive.

Work Hours.

The pattern is becoming clear, once again you choose your own hours of work based on the service you deliver for.  The training and knowledge provided by being a member of Service club will put you in a good position to work less for the equivalent pay, theoretically reducing your hours.


The verdict about the best delivery service to work for is never particularly obvious with so many variables such as location, vehicle type, hours available and more. What is clear is that when looking for the best delivery driver jobs to meet your needs, clearly having a larger range to choose from is a great benefit to have.

In this respect Service Club should be your go to platform if you are in or looking to access jobs in the delivery industry from parcels to food delivery using bikes, cars, or vans.

Service Club:  A clear winner!


You might have started this to compare Amazon Flex vs Doordash but now realise that Service Club offers the best delivery driver jobs if you’re looking for a side hustle that offers high pay, flexibility and the opportunity to work for multiple companies.

Not only that, but Service Club will make you more attractive to potential employers with the Service Club Academy where you can learn new skills, train, and earn certificates – all for free!  

Whether you want a flexible side hustle or whether you want to turn your side hustle into a career, Service club is a clear winner no matter what services you are comparing.

Completely free, Service Club gives you the tools and certification that are attractive to employers in the delivery industry and gives you one platform to access the best jobs available. Whatever the best delivery job or company is in your situation, it is only made better by being a member of the Service Club community.

Join now and start reaping the benefits.

amazon flex vs door dash

Frequently asked questions.

How much can a delivery driver make?

How much a courier can earn varies between all companies, not just Amazon Flex and DoorDash outlined above.  This article on Service Club explains how much delivery drivers can earn.  Earnings of $20 – $25 per hour can be reasonably expected with most of the companies that use the Service Club platform.

What are the best courier delivery apps?    

Some of the best courier delivery apps are Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, and of course Service Club!  If you really want to know how each apps stacks up, we have written about that here.

How can I get a job as a delivery driver?

To get a job as a delivery driver you need to make sure you check and meet all of the requirements for the delivery company you want to apply to. before applying. One of the best ways to get the best courier jobs is joining Service Club as a member you can complete relevant training and improve your skills in order to stand out from the other applicants!

Can I be a delivery driver with my own car?

Yes, you can be a delivery driver with your own car as long as it meets the requirements of the company you want to deliver for. For example, some companies require that drivers have a mid-sized sedan or larger vehicle.  Of course other gigs you will be able to work as a bike courier.

Where can I get training to be a delivery driver?

You can get training to be a delivery driver from companies like Service Club. By becoming a member of Service Club you will get access to Service Club Academy, which is a free training platform that offers 70 learning modules with a certificate given at the end of each module.   You can even take advantage of our academy when applying for jobs with companies who do not hire through Service Club.

Final Thoughts

So, which delivery driver side hustle should you choose? Pretty much every delivery company who works with Service Club offers competitive pay, flexible hours and the ability to choose your own schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job to supplement your income or a full-time job that offers the flexibility to choose your own hours, there are many options for delivery drivers. Joining Service club is the easiest way to make your side hustle the best it can be, improving your pay and flexibility through professionalism and knowledge gained in the Academy.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Service Club and apply for a delivery driver job today!

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