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How to Find the Best Bike Delivery Jobs in Your City

Have you been wondering how to find the best bike delivery jobs in your city? Well, wait no longer. This blog post will provide you with all the information you need on how to get a bike delivery job. We’ll be informing you on the type of requirements and skills you may need, and how the application process works. This blog article is more focused on the general information surrounding the job, meaning it is not specific to a company.

For more tips for finding the best bike delivery jobs in your city, read on!

best bike delivery jobsHow do bike delivery jobs work?

An increasing number of food delivery companies require bike users to deliver their food to customers. Riders from all sorts of companies such as Deliveroo, Ubereats, and JustEat are now noticeable figures in the life of a city.All will claim to provide the best bike delivery jobs, read on to find out the reality.

We know and love delivery riders since they enable people to get their favorite meals within the comfort of their homes with just a click of a button.

Signing up as a courier is simple and the entry requirements are straightforward and easy to reach. The tasks you undertake while in the role are simple. Once you’ve accepted delivery, you have to go to a designated restaurant or shop, pick up the correct food delivery bag and cycle or ride to someone’s home in a timely manner. Route optimiser and map apps are utilized to help and are sometimes part of the providers app.

The number of deliveries you make will depend on the demand during that time and day, and usually, your income will depend on this fact.

What you need to get started as a bike courier

To become a bike delivery driver you do not need much. The benefits of the best bike delivery jobs are that you don’t need a car and some companies even don’t require you to have a driving license as a rider.

You may need to pass a background check and it is vital for all delivery drivers to have at least a basic knowledge of road safety and some experience on a bike. You need a good level of physical health and interpersonal skills since you’ll be communicating with customers. Depending on the company, you may need your own bike to complete the deliveries.

It is important nonetheless to look at the specific job requirements for each company and follow the guidelines since not all companies have the same requirements and demands.

bike courier jobs sign upWhat Are the Benefits of Bike Delivery Jobs

Food delivery is everywhere and we see bike delivery jobs all across the city. So what are the main advantages of this job?

Flexible working hours

Most companies allow you to choose your shifts and your hours of work. This flexibility allows you to combine other existing commitments with this job. It also allows workers to have greater agency in how they want their work-life balance to look.

High-income potential (via tips)

The advantage of the gig economy is that you have greater control over your earnings. The more deliveries you make, the more you earn, and the better the service, the more likely you are to earn tips. In essence, there is no limited to the amount of money you can make, since this is flexible.

Exercising while working

In most jobs where you have to typically sit down all day, if you want to keep fit, you would have to do physical exercise after work. In this job, however, you can combine both. Exercising frequently can improve your cardiovascular health and your mood.

Better for the environment

Instead of commuting to work every day in a highly polluting vehicle, here you’re not only choosing a healthier lifestyle for yourself but for the environment in general. Cities in which the leading form of transport is cycling are safer and have happier users. There are far fewer fatal road accidents, and some studies even state that driving for work is a factor of loneliness! Sources ((

Working with a range of well-known companies

In the delivery industry, there’s a series of good companies you can work for. Some of these companies are among the largest multinationals in the world (Uber, for example), which is an interesting opportunity for your career.

Being part of a unique courier community.

This job is marketed as quite a solitary and individual job, but in reality, it isn’t. Being a courier means being part of a larger community of riders.

Finding Bike Delivery Jobs Near You


DoorDash is a San Francisco-based online food ordering platform. DoorDash is highly popular among American users. Base pay for “dashers” is 2-10$ per delivery, however, this depends on a series of factors such as location and time required.


Uber Eats operates in multiple locations across continents. Uber Eats is owned by Uber, and this branch of the company was founded in 2014. Base pay for delivery riders in the UK is between 7 pounds to 10 pounds. You can typically choose which type of vehicle you want to work with, but riders usually use bikes. Check out our article specific to UberEats!


GetIr is a Turkish start-up that was founded in 2015. GetIr pays their riders weekly, and the base pay is approximately 10 pounds an hour. Getir functions mainly for grocery delivery, and its large fleet has covered over 3 million miles across the UK in under 2 years.


Deliveroo has its headquarters in London. The British company was founded in 2013 and is very popular in Europe. Base pay is between 7-12 pounds the hour.


JustEat is a Dutch company. Courier drivers earn approximately 9.40 per hour and delivery drivers 9.65 per hour.

Service Club

Service Club is a training, filtering, recruitment & on-boarding tool for delivery apps & people that ensures delivery people with the right mindset will never be short of the best bike delivery jobs again!

bike courier jobs sign up call to action Tips for Finding The Best Bike Delivery Jobs

The entry requirements for a bike delivery job are not complex, however previous experience in customer service may be useful.

It is also important you know basic traffic safety and road rules in order to be safe while working. Moreover, being a good rider requires you to know the city and have your delivery skills brushed up with our academy.

With the Service Club Academy, we offer a series of micro-learning modules which includes courses on good customer service skills, as well as some tips and tricks for when your bike breaks down (and much more!).

With Service Club, you can find the best delivery jobs. Being a rider has a lot of advantages. This is a good option for you if you want a low-commitment job where you can make quick and easy money with just a bicycle.

For such a job, you need yourself, and your energy and sometimes you’ll need a vehicle, depending on what your company requires.

If you’re looking for the best delivery driver jobs, then look no further! Check out the current openings on our job platform. Plus, if you sign up for our Academy (it’s free!) we’re there to support you on your delivery job journey.

Best Bike Delivery Jobs FAQs

Still got questions? Here are the answers to some of the most common ones we hear about what makes the best bike delivery jobs.

Is being a bike courier worth it?

Being a bike courier has a lot of advantages. If you’re looking for a flexible job where you can stay fit and active, that doesn’t require too many technical skills, then bike delivery jobs are worth it!

Can I use a motorbike to make deliveries?

Some companies such as Deliveroo are very flexible with regard to which vehicle you use for delivery!

How much do bike couriers make?

How much you make will depend on the company you work for, as well as the location. Here’s an article with more detailed information.

How do I become a bike courier?

To become a bike courier, just look for a job opening on our platform, read the specific requirements and you’re done! The requirements are typically focused on your age, your papers, and your vehicle and that’s it!

You can also work as an independent courier, however, you’ll have to contact your local businesses directly.

bike courier jobs sign up call to action

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