How much do bike couriers make_

How Much Do Bike Couriers Make?

bike courier in London salariesIf you want to earn money while staying in shape and love the outdoors, bike couriering is one of the perfect jobs for you.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a bicycle courier – including flexible working hours, good income potential, and tremendous exercise. Plus, it’s healthy for the environment.

If you’re thinking about becoming a bike courier, now’s as good a time as any to begin.

In a city as cramped as London, bicycles can travel at more than 15mph, making them a practical mode of transportation. And companies in the United Kingdom search for bike-riding delivery workers all the time.

So, keep reading to learn how much do bike couriers make – and what it takes to become one!

How Much Do Bike Couriers Make?

benefits of being a bike courier in LondonBike courier salaries start at roughly £14,500 per year – or £6.97 per hour. However, the hourly rate for the courier jobs can go up to £14.90, amounting to £31,000 per year.

The salary earned varies depending on the number of hours done and the availability of work – but you shouldn’t accept less than £200 weekly (£5 per hour). Any hourly rate below £5 is considered too low – even if the hours are flexible and you’re a complete beginner.

Generally speaking, the average salary for a bike courier job in the United Kingdom is £21,450 per year. That means that the courier’s salary, or rather, hourly rate, is £11 per hour.

For the highly experienced, the larger and better-paying organizations will give salaries up to £500 per week.

Getting to an “expert level” in this line of work and earning a better salary is only a matter of time. And if you show your worth, you could earn a higher hourly rate – and a better yearly salary – soon enough.

Let’s take a look at a specific employer – for example, Deliveroo.

Their website states that the average bike courier’s hourly salary in the United Kingdom is £9.75 per hour. That being said, it also says that hourly pay can go as high as £14.65 and as low as £6.65 per hour – most likely depending on the company, location, and experience.

Admittedly, a bike courier doesn’t earn exorbitant money per hour, but this job does come with some benefits you don’t get elsewhere. The hours are flexible, you get a decent average salary, work part-time every week – and so on.

If you’re based in and want to work in a big city, being a bike courier could be just the profession you’re seeking.

Are Bicycles Really The Future Of City Deliveries?

Think about it – huge cities like London continue to grow, and life gets busier, meaning those who travel by bike have undeniable advantages.

They’ll never make car or van deliveries obsolete for obvious reasons – they can’t go far or deliver large, heavy packages and have to stick to food deliveries and similar. However, it’s becoming a popular choice for many companies in the United Kingdom, especially those whose goods can be transported via bikes, like companies in the food industry.

Bike couriers are highly desirable for fast, efficient delivery jobs since they’re not susceptible to everyday obstacles – such as lack of parking spots or being stuck in traffic jams.

Besides Salaries, What Are The Benefits Of Being A Bike Courier?

London bike courier salariesHealth Benefits

Being a courier is one of those jobs for which love of bicycling and fitness is a must – and there are obvious health benefits for people willing to take on that responsibility.

Not every person wants to spend a whole day on a bike. But if you get a high from working out, why not earn a great weekly pay by riding across London all day long?

It burns a lot of fat and provides a great cardio workout, depending on, obviously, route and individual capabilities. Imagine the result it would show if you did a cycling job for a few years – and the best part is that you get paid for it!

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Safer Transport

Some research has shown that riding a cargo bike on crowded city streets is safer than driving a car. Removing larger vehicles from the equation could reduce traffic fatalities by up to 14% each year – based on the assumption that all cyclists must and will take every measure to stay safe on the road.

Cutting Emissions

We all know the kind of changes Earth’s climate is going through – and becoming a bike messenger could be your way to do something about it. You’d earn excellent hourly pay and stay content knowing your new work is helpful.

Using a cargo bike instead of a diesel vehicle saves 5 tons of CO2 per year on average; imagine that multiplied by 1,000 bikes in cities like London.

Doing bike deliveries means being eco-friendly every single day on the job.

What Are The Qualifications And Requirements?

There’s no need for formal qualifications to be a bike courier, but a few sites say it couldn’t hurt to attend a course and get the NVQ Level Two Carry and Deliver Goods certificate or the NVQ in Customer Service.

As for requirements, you’ll need a bike. If the company’s image is essential to them, they may offer you one, but most employers want you to have a bike that allows you to get around swiftly and reliably.

Furthermore, you must wear a helmet. Since you’re going to spend hours on your bike, a helmet is an extremely helpful piece of equipment – and might save your life.

Also, a map and a phone will be required to deliver the package and do an efficient job. You’ll probably have to use an app to track every delivery route and location.

Every bike courier should also consider getting bike insurance so that you’re covered for any job-related accidents. Since most in England are self-employed, you should sign up with an insurance company to get a great rate.

Bicycle Courier Pay Per Hour In United Kingdom: Conclusion

 London bike courier salariesBeing a bike courier is an excellent job for anyone looking to earn decent average salaries while staying fit and environmentally friendly. While this job title doesn’t bring in a ton of money, being a courier carries certain benefits that you can’t get anywhere else.

Your first step towards a new career as a bike courier is to search for companies that posted job offers and see the requirements. We can help with that:

If you already have a reliable bike and a fondness for fitness, become a Service Club member, and browse our site for a new job today!

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