Do deli drivers get paid for gas

Do Delivery Drivers Get Paid For Gas?


Are you thinking about becoming a delivery driver? Do you already have your own car?

If so, there are probably a million questions going through your head, one of which is inevitable:

Do delivery drivers get paid for gas?

Here’s all you need to know regarding gas reimbursements for delivery drivers – and a few more helpful tips and intricate details about the job itself.

Do Delivery Drivers Get Paid For Fuel?


The delivery charge is consistent from chain to chain. However, the driver seldom receives the full cost. Typically, the company collects the charge to cover driver expenditures, such as paying for a percentage of their petrol (rarely) or other expenses associated with the delivery role, like insurance.

Most restaurants pay their delivery drivers a minimum wage plus a bonus for each delivery. If you make enough in tips and each delivery, you can cover your petrol costs while also making a profit.

Generally speaking, though, delivery drivers DO NOT get paid for gas. 

Whether or not that’s acceptable to you personally depends on factors such as the pay per hour, how much gas your car needs, and of course, the current gas price.

Again, the fact that delivery drivers usually don’t get paid for gas is not set in stone – it can vary from company to company.

However, based on numerous reviews from people employed at major companies requiring delivery drivers, the consensus is that delivery drivers have to pay for their own petrol out of pocket.

If you’re going to start working for a particular company, it’s best to clear this ahead and determine where you stand regarding gas money.

How Many Miles Do You Drive As A Pizza Delivery Driver?

Not being reimbursed for gas is a potential issue if you consider how many miles you’ll probably drive per shift.

Will your hourly pay suffice to cover the cost of gas?

Well, most likely, it will. Domino’s drivers get paid enough for that, for example.

That’s the primary reason why, if you’re going to work as a delivery driver and use your own car, not a company-issued one, choose one that doesn’t spend a lot of gas. It’s one of the best ways to cut your expenses.

Many delivery drivers believe that companies aren’t doing enough to offset the hefty expenses of car upkeep – which brings us to another thing you must consider.

Car Maintenance Is Essential

When you travel dozens – or hundreds – of miles each day, it’ll inevitably have a toll on your vehicle. While your potential employer may provide you with insurance, they won’t pay for insurance for your car. That’s an expense that’s worth every penny, though:

Your livelihood depends on that vehicle, and if you’re unable to drive it due to malfunctions, it could cost you your job.

Delivery Driver Salaries


When considering a job – any job – you have to wonder how much money can you earn. The same goes for the delivery job.

Delivery drivers generally get paid minimum wage.

Some consider this minimum pay as low pay, depending on how much cash they were hoping to earn from this position. Naturally, it won’t pay as much as a store manager or assistant manager position.

Most employers require you to have your own vehicle  and money for gas isn’t included in delivery charges.

If you were hoping to become a pizza delivery driver, you probably want to know how much you’ll get paid per hour – and whether famous pizza chains provide gas compensation legally.

delivery driver jobs registration

Pizza drivers also receive minimum wage plus tips, and you have to have your own car. Still, you can make enough. Popular companies that offer pizza delivery, such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s pay decent wages and offer decent working hours. But here arises another question:

Do Domino’s employees get paid for gas?

What Does DoorDash Pay Per Mile?

Top-earning dashers have a rule of thumb that a proper order will pay $1 for each mile you have to drive. Upon receiving an order request, you can rapidly calculate the value of an order.

Does DoorDash pay gas, though?

Gas is NOT reimbursed by Doordash. Your earnings are calculated as follows: Base Pay + Promotions + Tips, but no gas money. The delivery fee is not included.

Does Domino’s Pizza Pay For Gas?

Have you wondered how much do pizza delivery drivers get at large companies like Dominos pizza? Do Domino’s reimburse for petrol?

Like most companies, Domino’s does not cover driver expenses when pizza delivery drivers use their own vehicles. Dominos drivers have to pay for their own gas.

In general, pizza delivery drivers get only the wage plus tips for their deliveries at most pizza delivery companies, like Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza.

While Domino’s workers don’t get paid for gas, they can still make enough:

An average pizza delivery driver can earn at least that amount covering gas and have extra money left from their hourly pay. That’s because Domino’s makes many deliveries each day – and most delivery drivers have the chance to make good money.

What Does A Delivery Driver’s Job Entail?

Delivery drivers often spend little time chatting with coworkers – but will meet and chat with shoppers when delivering goods every day.

That’s why if you want to work as a driver, you’ll need strong communication skills and outstanding time management.

Every delivery worker is, in a sense, a customer service representative. So, unprofessionalism and late delivery won’t be tolerated – whether you deliver pizza or anything else.

Why Become A Delivery Driver?

The job of a delivery driver comes with certain benefits.

As freelance delivery drivers – someone who works as an independent contractor – they can obtain employment and get paid minimum wage via various delivery applications, allowing them to work even during off-peak hours.

Furthermore, they have various full-time possibilities depending on their location, abilities, and preferred mode of transportation.

Delivery Driver Position Requirements

A dependable delivery driver is concerned with client satisfaction and the safe and timely delivery of goods. To thrive as a delivery worker, you must be friendly, punctual – and dedicated to creating an outstanding customer experience.

As for technical details, it goes without saying you must have a valid driver’s license and, most likely, a clean driving record. Special licenses required to operate certain vehicles could be necessary, too.

At ServiceClub, every new delivery driver is trained for communication, customer service, health, safety, and pandemic management, which has become incredibly important in the past few years – that’s part of our platform’s service guarantee.


While most companies won’t reimburse their delivery drivers for gas, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if you’re serious about being a delivery driver.

Domino’s drivers and other pizza delivery drivers get paid decently – even though they don’t receive the entire fee from the delivery.

Whether you’re thinking of doing it as a part-time or a full-time position, this is undoubtedly a vital issue to consider.

However, don’t let that stop you – you can land a job where you can make enough money to cover expenses like gas and have enough leftover in the end. Become a Service Club member and discover job opportunities today!

delivery driver jobs registration

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