How Much Do ASDA Delivery Drivers Earn_

How Much Do ASDA Delivery Drivers Earn?

driver at ASDA average paycustomer delivery driversIt might’ve seemed revolutionary a few years ago, but online grocery shopping is gradually becoming the norm.

That’s particularly true now that successive lockdowns imposed across the United Kingdom to curb the spread of Coronavirus put the focus on large grocery chains.

As other stores have been forced to close or shift online, the revenues of large supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, and ASDA, have increased.

If you’re thinking about starting a career as a delivery driver, now is the best time to begin – and where better to begin than with an employer like ASDA?

Let’s see what’s the average pay of a customer delivery driver at ASDA and what your job would entail.

How Much Do ASDA Delivery Drivers Earn?

Depending on location, the salaries range between £9.36 and £10.51 per hour on average.

The money you’ll make at this job also depends on the type of role you’re hired for, of course.

ASDA also hires people for part-time jobs to work around 15 to 20 hours per week – we’ll talk about that in a second. So, if that’s what you need, this delivery job could be a great side job to add to your monthly salaries.

That said, you could also make a decent wage working at a full-time position – 38 hours per week.

What About The Night Rate Of Pay Per Hour At ASDA?

If you thought about working nights so you can make a little extra money, we have to disappoint you. Apparently, ASDA does not offer a higher rate for night shifts.

They have positions that don’t require you to work at night, though – if night shifts are a deal-breaker for you due to personal or health-related reasons.

About ASDA Delivery Driver Positions

ASDA has dozens of open positions for customer delivery drivers on its website; the company is always looking and recruiting. They search for potential workers interested in delivery careers who would do either full-time or part-time jobs at various locations all over the UK.

You’ll have to look up the details about the job, such as benefits, bonus pay, and shifts, though.

However, every store offers similar pay-per-hour rates – £9.36 on average.

That aside, the delivery driver positions have some standard requirements:

  • You must hold a driver’s licence for at least 3 years
  • You must be capable of driving a 3.5-ton automatic delivery van
  • You must have a clean driving record with no more than six points
  • You must pass a basic-level safeguard check

ASDA also likes to say that their workers “are out to deliver excellent customer service from every single store.

Everything – from loading up, fueling, and checking the truck to notifying a customer that their groceries will arrive – is done with the shoppers in mind.

And what do they expect of you as a person?

As a delivery driver, you get bonus points for being organized while on the road, and because you’ll be representing ASDA, they’ll expect you to be “a great brand ambassador.”

In short, your personal characteristics will be just as crucial as your skills in these types of driving careers. You need to put the customers first, going above and beyond to make their online shopping experience the best it can be.

What Does A Delivery Driver Do?

customer delivery driversA delivery driver’s primary responsibility is to transport groceries and other commodities from stores to customers – which generally involves some form of vehicle.

On that note, they’re usually in charge of loading things onto their van, too.

This isn’t your typical office job. These workers spend most of their time during the week driving from one location to the next.

Delivery drivers typically spend little time communicating with coworkers but will meet with shoppers when delivering things every day. So, solid communication skills and excellent time management will be vital if you’re going to work as a driver for ASDA supermarkets, delivering goods to customers.

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What Are Some Typical Delivery Driver Tasks?

  • Examine invoices to determine the optimum path for a series of deliveries.
  • Always keep your vehicle clean and safe.
  • Routes, deliveries, payments, maintenance, and other details should all be meticulously documented.
  • Deliver products in a safe and accurate manner, accept payments, and respond to inquiries when necessary.

How Many Hours Do ASDA Drivers Work?

As we mentioned previously, ASDA offers both full-time and part-time jobs, so the number of hours you’ll work per week could range from 15 to 20 hours (part-time) to 35 to 38 hours (full-time).

The operating hours can also vary substantially, depending on whether the job involves rotational shifts or not.

However, there is one downside – you don’t get paid for overtime hours at any ASDA store. Working overtime hours is a possibility, so that’s something to keep in mind if you don’t wish to put in extra hours without pay.

What Are Some Benefits Of Working For ASDA?

We have already briefly discussed some requirements for people who want to work as drivers in one of ASDA’s 500 stores across the country.

ASDA expects you to be a skilled driver with at least three years of having a driving licence, capable of driving an automatic 3.5-ton van. It’s also really important to be a great people person since you will constantly be meeting new customers.

Or, as ASDA would put it:

Finding the best parking spot, the right doorbell, and the right baskets are just a few of the obstacles our delivery workers must overcome.

Suppose you meet those criteria.

What can you expect in terms of benefits – besides a competitive salary?

ASDA’s drivers also get 10% off on their ASDA shopping, a pension scheme, bonuses, and discounts across various services and activities, from airport parking to cinemas and theme parks.

How Does Working At ASDA Compare To Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Morrisons?

If you’re not sure whether ASDA is the best fit for you, know that there are other jobs out there. So, if you want to see how other companies, mainly Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons compare in terms of average pay and compensations, this section will provide some answers.

According to a popular jobs website, Glassdoor, the average ASDA delivery driver salary is 9 per hour. In that sense, Tesco offers a competitive rate of pay, and so does Sainsbury’s, with £8-9 hourly rates.

Conclusion: How Much Can You Earn As An ASDA Driver?

With its 165K employees all over the United Kingdom, ASDA is one of the largest national supermarket chains that offer online shopping – and there’s always a good chance they’re hiring drivers to deliver groceries.

If this seems like decent hourly pay and monthly salary, and you have a driver’s licence – and excellent customer service skills – this is the sign you’ve been waiting for:

Become a Service Club member today and apply for jobs directly from our website!

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