How does just eat courier work

How Does Just Eat Courier Work? Can Anyone Do It?

Just Eat ReviewDoing deliveries has become a very, very popular way to make money today. Applying and doing a food delivery is not a difficult concept to grasp, and it can be a lucrative career – so it’s no surprise that everyone wants to get in on this courier job.

That being said, how does Just Eat Courier work? What are the most important things that separate the Just Eat couriers from everyone else?

Read on to find out about the specifics of working as Just Eat’s courier – and the basics of food delivery!

How Does Just Eat Courier Work?

new job opportunityThis service is so popular because the delivery company allows you to get paid while choosing your hours. Not only hours – but you can also select the days when you want to work. Plus, scheduling your working time is extremely easy in the app.

Moreover, their drivers are paid a good salary, along with a bonus. Sure, a similar business can offer plenty of money per delivery, but when working for JustEat in London, you’re paid per hour – meaning you’re getting paid even when for the waiting time.

And when doing plenty of deliveries, the drivers get a performance bonus added to their pay, which will stimulate you to take up another restaurant delivery or two!

Another fantastic thing about this service is that you have complete autonomy – you pick the hours and the delivery zones. Doing deliveries by bike provides plenty of personal benefits, such as enjoying the fresh air and being moderately active, too.

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The process is relatively simple:

You get a notification in the app, which holds the information about the restaurant, the order, and the address where you need to go. When you deliver to the location, you confirm it and let the system know you’re done and wait for the next one to be assigned to you.

The system works to make sure you’re busy all the time.

You completely control your earnings – you can take as many orders from as many restaurants as you want and change your weekly schedule. The app is your support system; the app will guide you through the city and search where you need to go.

To top it off, you can always contact support to talk to a real person if you need help!

How Do I Get Payments?

earning moneyJustEat provides the drivers with good pay for their work – which is precisely the reason why they’re so popular.

As a Just Eat driver, you get the minimum living wage per hour, along with bonuses.

You get your salary every week, and the money goes straight into your account. When you receive your payment, you’ll also get a document online with the details about each drop-off you did and how much you earned each hour as a driver.

Do I Need To Have A Bike For The Food Delivery Job?

free to use equipmentFirst of all, no – the company’s in charge of providing the vehicle, but you can take your car. However, you can start working from JustEat’s main hub in your city to get the gear and go from there. When the shift ends, you take the e-bike back to the hub and go home.

Oh, and using JustEat’s equipment is free – there are no fees or costs!

Also, in some cities, you can take the vehicle and gear home and work remotely. All you need to do is set the restaurant zone where you want to start your day from on your phone and take the gear home when you’re done with the job.

What Equipment Does A Driver Need?

company's imageYou’ll need a few things to deliver the orders successfully.

First of all, you’ll need a bank account to receive your payment for the job well done. Then, you will need decent clothes – you’re not required to wear anything specific, but you need to keep in mind the image of the company.

On that note, refrain from wearing anything offensive – your goal is presenting the service to your clients in the best possible light.

Also, you’ll need a safety helmet if you’re riding a bike; it might save your life. You’ll also need a phone to download the app on, a phone number to call your customers when needed, a decent data plan, and a commercial-grade bag to keep the food safe and fresh!

What About Insurance?

insurance coverJustEat doesn’t provide the drivers with any type of insurance, regardless of location. The insurance is the sole responsibility of each driver – so you need to keep this in mind before you sign the contract with Just Eat’s company.

Some delivery and courier jobs will provide the drivers with insurance coverage, but Just Eat’s not one of them. And since you’ll be paying for it out of the amount you earn, keep this in mind because it could make a significant dent in your earnings.

Insurance plans can be rather expensive, so you’ll need to review several companies to find one that offers premiums that you’ll be comfortable with long-term. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to set up the coverage; all you need is a couple of hours of your time.

How Does Just Eat Courier Work – Bottom Line

earn money with Just EatTo conclude, doing food delivery for JustEat comes with many perks compared to similar companies. With the guaranteed salary, along with benefits and good payment, you can make a living just working a JustEat courier job.

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