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How To Lock Just Eat Bike – Secure Your Bike By Following These Steps

a close up bike stationThe last thing you’d want is for someone to get their hands on your delivery bike, right? That’s your only method of transportation – and without it, there’s no way that you can do your job.

How come we’re mentioning bike theft all of a sudden?

In 2020/2021, about 77.3 thousand bikes – yes, thousands – have been reported stolen in the UK. It might not seem like a big deal at a glance, but it’s not just regular bikes; many delivery bikes have been stolen, as well.

Our point?

It’s high time you learn how to lock Just Eat bike properly and protect it from getting stolen the moment you enter an apartment or house to complete your delivery.

How To Lock Just Eat Bike?

a bike courier driving through townStep 1: Look For A Safe Lock Location

The first thing every courier should do when they arrive at their location is to take a good look around.

Do you see any safety lock locations or bike stations near you?

Target locations that are covered by CCTV surveillance. In this case, even if the theft occurs, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to track down the person who stole your precious bike.

Speaking of safe locations, you should never lock your bike to something that can be moved. There’s even a danger of someone stealing bikes locked to physical stations.

If there are no cameras or convenient places to lock your vehicle, this is a sign that you need to be quick and work on a tight time limit!

Otherwise, always lock your bike to immovable objects. For example, in many parts of the city, there are special small spaces designed for bike storage – essentially, bike parks. A bike park is an ideal place.

Step 2: Set The Locks

Here’s what you need to do:

First, set the U-lock that goes to the back of the bike and prevents the movement of the rear wheel. Why the rear one? 

Because, as silly as that sounds, it’s generally more valuable than the front wheel lock.

Also, you can use an additional cable that extends to the front wheel and links these two for extra safety – making it even harder for someone to unlock it.

The real deal – and something you should definitely consider using – are lock skewers. You can get them in any bike store, or you can simply buy them online.

The important thing is that they require a unique key – which only you have. Of course, you should always carry it with you – and never leave it hanging from the bike while you’re away.

Sometimes, the obvious has to be mentioned, too. If you leave it, basically anyone has access to it.

Step 3: Check Bike Accessories

Last but not least, be sure not to leave valuables or gears hanging off your Just Eat bike – even when CCTV cameras are around and you’ve locked the bike to the station.

Unfortunately, the presence of these cameras doesn’t guarantee that someone will not come and steal accessories such as bike lights – or even the water bottle attached to the bike.

And once again – always bring your bike keys with you, even on short trips that you suspect won’t go wrong.

Mistakes happen. People sometimes don’t take into account the neighborhood where they’re doing the delivery and leave everything on the bike – only to return to an empty spot. Even if they don’t steal the actual bike, they might steal something from it – like your helmet, basket, or a bell.

Our advice to bike couriers is:

It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with the area and residents where you’re doing deliveries; you shouldn’t leave anything to chance and push your luck, and of course – lock the bike once you’re ready to go!

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Just Eat Cycle Scheme – Why You Should Try It

In 2007, when England was dealing with a serious transport crisis – traffic congestion, pollution, and tight time frames on delivery – companies thought there was no way out of this. Luckily, the bike hire scheme came to be – and saved couriers all around the UK.

Notice how, today, there are hundreds of couriers making their journeys through the city on their bikes and delivering your food within minutes?

The aim of this cycle system was to engage couriers in a convenient, cheaper, and eco-friendly way of doing deliveries by Just Eat cycles. You can save up to £40 with your annual membership.

For example, the Edinburgh cycle hire was launched in 2018. Despite the difficulties and criticism that it went through, it enabled visitors and couriers to become members, rent the bikes at affordable costs and start their journey through the city and country.

Renting has never been so easy, and the benefits of this service have never been more clear!

Bottom Line: You Need Quality Locks

a courier on the bikeIf you look at it from the bright side, delivery jobs offer a ton of benefits – starting with the fact that you get to ride around the city you love and get to know it better.

Being a bike courier is much better in terms of traffic – it doesn’t pollute the environment, it’s free, and it can take less time than car delivery since you can avoid rush hour traffic jams.

Best of all, there isn’t so much stress when you’re cycling – it’s just you and your bike cruising around town while still making money.

But, again, you will need a quality lock to stay safe. You need one that won’t break or make it easy for someone to cut in half or unlock it. Cheap locks won’t do you any good.

If this is your first time doing delivery by bike, in addition to these tips we listed, take the time to look for some high-quality bike locks at the nearest bike store. We’re sure the professional working there will gladly recommend the best one.

Anything Else You Can Do?

just eat cyclesWhen it comes to keeping your Just Eat bike safe, there are a couple of extra tips you could rely on – besides locking it, that is.

For example, you could register your bike in the database. By doing that, you’ll get a small sticker claiming that your bike is on record and not such a good target for thieves anymore. This enables you a QR code that that be checked by the app you have installed on your android phone.

Another thing you can do is attach a GPS tracker somewhere on the bike where it’s not that noticeable. That’s advisable for couriers who do delivery in larger cities, where the chances of someone stealing your bike are relatively higher.

Thanks to this technology, you now have the chance to follow your bike wherever it goes – in case someone makes such an attempt, that is. Here, you can also use your smartphone app to track it down.

Also, several websites deal with and maintain a registry of stolen bikes in your area. If filing a police report fails, you can always refer to this database website – and look for your bike there.

Sometimes, the virtual world turns out to be much more helpful than the real one!

How To Lock Just Eat Bike: Conclusion

That’s it; we’ve covered pretty much everything you need to know regarding bike safety as a Just Eat delivery driver. Let’s review.

If you want to keep the wheels (and accessories) of your delivery bike safe, you have to be extra cautious when you’re locking it. Besides buying an HQ lock for your bike, you need to know where to secure it – and, again, immovable areas and areas with CCTV cameras are your best bet.

The better you are at keeping your Just Eat bike safe, the more money you can earn doing deliveries. That brings us to our final point:

Are you looking to start a new job as a delivery driver?

Become a Service Club member – and discover delivery driver jobs in your area!

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