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The Benefits of Using a Delivery Driver Tracking App

The Benefits of Using a Delivery Driver Tracking App

With the boom of the gig-economy, we now know that parcel and food delivery is here to stay. In this blog post we’ll be analysing the benefits of using a delivery driver tracking app, and how it can be hugely advantageous for delivery companies. This specific type of tracking app can help keep your business organised and on-time. Learn about the benefits this type of software can provide you today!

earn-extra-cashWhat is driver tracking?

Driver tracking has many uses and purposes. With driver tracking software, you can track the functioning of your fleet and how they use specific paths for deliveries. You can also observe their performance and their specific locations while they’re working. In essence, these apps will enable you to keep track of the fleet and be more organised as a company.

Why use a delivery driver tracking app?

A driver tracking app has several benefits that enables your company to work more efficiently, as a result be more successful with both drivers, and customers.

To begin, you can easily track the running of your fleet and your worker’s performance. The data the delivery driver tracking app provides can be used to enhance route and driver management to the benefit of the business.

For example, tracking how quickly certain routes are, you can make more precise predictions such as planning ahead for driver availability and delivery. Additionally making “on the fly” decisions become simpler when you know exactly where your vehicles and drivers are. .

However, these apps are not only useful for monitoring purposes, they will also help your company’s budget, and you’ll be able to manage fuel usage more closely.

More specifically, with these apps, a dispatcher can:

  • Know which deliveries have been completed
  • be aware of the specific routes and stops taken
  • be able to know the time it takes to complete a delivery
  • make route adjustments easily and smoothly

Given all this information derived from the tracking data, you’ll be able to optimise time and schedules, this will enable you to make more precise decisions and have more accurate arrival estimations. Information from this precise data will further enhance operations from the business intelligence gained.

sign up call to actionThe business benefits of using a delivery driver tracking app

Delivery driver tracking apps can be useful both for companies and for drivers.

In addition to those outlined above, for companies there are considerable benefits regarding location tracking, communication, driver safety, and saving time and money.

Location tracking

Location tracking is very useful as this allows customers to track their orders in real time. This can give peace of mind that their products will arrive at the correct time and allow them to plan their day accordingly.

Using a delivery driver tracking app to provide location tracking also serves to build trust and transparency between customers and businesses. It enables any issues related to delivery to be solved quickly and efficiently, this saves time for both the customer and the delivery company.

delivery tracking

Improved communication and driver safety

Driver tracking apps can provide detailed information on a driver’s routes, speed, and other driving habits. This can help to identify areas for improvement and ensures drivers are adhering to company policies.

Having specific data that can be saved and analysed provides important information concerning drivers safety. Moreover, with this type of software, customers can frequently track their package/delivery in real time which is a useful tool for them.

Saving time and money

Businesses can better manage their resources by knowing where their drivers are at all times.

Drivers benefit by more easily being able to stay on schedule and plan their delivery route efficiently. This is especially helpful in cases where there are multiple stops on a delivery route.

Having a user-friendly delivery driver tracking app gives a company a good image, but more importantly it also helps drivers immensely and thus their satisfaction with working in the company.

According to a study that was conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency on trucks and tracking software, they stated that trucks and larger vehicles can save approximately $6000 per year by decreasing wasted time. GPS tracking largely reduces fuel usage.

Streamline operations

Businesses can use delivery driver tracking apps to identify problem areas in their delivery process. For example, if there is a high rate of order cancellations or late deliveries, the app can help locate the source of the problem and this insight can be useful when looking to make improvements.

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, these driver tracking apps can not only effectively make company management easier, it also increases customer satisfaction, and the more satisfied a customer is, the more likely they are to use your company recurrently.

Driver benefits of using a delivery driver tracking app.

However these apps can also be beneficial for drivers, especially considering safety and work efficiency.


Specialised tracking and maps makes everyone’s lives easier, including driver’s. Such apps can help them save time and energy, which reduces their fatigue and makes their jobs more efficient. It’s a win-win for both.


With specialised apps, the software is more efficient and user friendly, therefore drivers can benefit massively from an app that is straightforward to use.

Maps and routes are usually optimised, and with some apps, the routes are even fixed, which makes a rider’s/driver’s life easier reducing the effort involved in pre-planning journey’s.

Moreover, if there are problems with the delivery unrelated to the driver and their actions, this can be known by the management team.

driving-for-a-livingHow to choose the right delivery driver tracking app for your business

Here are some of the best delivery driver tracking apps, they vary in function, use and pricing.

Track Pod.

This app will simplify everyone’s lives. It is useful for managers, as well as for delivery riders working to deliver both parcels and food. The app is user-friendly, easy to understand and has real-time tracking.

Pricing from: 20£ to 70£ depending on the package your purchase.


Detrack is a powerful app for delivery management with positive reviews among its users. It has live delivery tracking on maps, as well as electronic proof of deliveries.

Well known and used across the delivery industry, Detrack, includes logistics service providers, retailers and businesses with delivery vehicles amongst their customers.

Pricing: Prices can range from 20-40£ monthly.


This app is useful to keep record of deliveries to make your company more efficient. There are also notification systems to help you guide your workers in case of a problem on the road. Locate2U works both on Android and Apple devices. Designed for both small or large businesses.

Pricing: The most popular “premium” plan has custom plans depending on the specific company.


OptimoRoute is a well-known app in the world of delivery. It is versatile in the features it offers. It works well for businesses with multiple vehicles, and it is reviewed very positively, with users stating that it is very reliable and user friendly.

What’s more, you can get a 30-day free trial, and the pricing is transparent and reasonable!

Pricing: 30-50£ depending on your plan, you can also get reductions if you subscribe annually.


Routific is an extremely useful app that can be used both for desktop and mobile apps. The pricing is appropriate for its offer and with the more complete packages there are various advantageous features.

Pricing: Prices go between 30 to 65£, however this also depends on your requirements.


This GPS tracker app is logistically very useful. Location and travelling can be monitored easily. It is also different to other delivery tracking apps since managers can fix specific itineraries so that drivers use the quickest routes. Users state that support and usability are great features of this app.

Pricing: 25-1000£, however the most expensive plan is extremely comprehensive and complete.

Tips for using a delivery driver tracking app successfully

There are multiple benefits to having delivery driver tracking apps. It renders your company more successful; it allows you to solve delivery problems smoothly and effectively, it helps you manage your company effectively since you can observe what your fleet is doing whilst on the job, and finally it helps optimise time (and time is money!). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What app do delivery drivers use?

Drivers also have a large variety of apps to choose from. There are a number of navigation apps such as Waze or specific company apps such as UberEats, JustEat or Deliveroo.

Do delivery drivers use GPS?

Delivery drivers typically use GPS apps whilst working.

What apps can delivery drivers use for navigation?

Drivers typically use apps such as Circuit Route Planner and Waze to navigate and work. These are some great apps that are user-friendly and frequently updated for changes on the road.

What are the benefits of working as a delivery driver?

Being a delivery driver typically requires minimal requirements and is a very flexible job. You do not need to sit around in an office all day, and you are your own leader and manager. With some companies you even get to choose your own work hours! These pros make the job worthwhile.

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