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Top 5 Best Delivery Driver Jobs

Top 5 Best Delivery Driver Jobs

Are you interested in working in the delivery industry? Which are the top 5 best delivery driver jobs on the market?

When doing research on what type of delivery company to work for, it’s important to understand that  every company and position offers different benefits and roles. The role of a food delivery rider will differ to that of a multi-drop delivery driver. In this article we’ve compiled a list of the best delivery driver jobs. Read on for our roundup of the top 5 delivery driver jobs!

What does a job as a delivery driver look like

For food delivery you’ll likely be riding on a bicycle, or on an electric bike riding from a restaurant to somebody’s location. In this case you’ll be tracking on the company’s food delivery app where to collect and distribute the food.

If you’re working for the parcel delivery industry, the role will differ slightly. When one is delivering parcels, you must collect the package or parcel from an area of collection to someone’s home, the mode in which this happens can vary.

best delivery driver jobs include parcel deliveryThe benefits of the best delivery driver jobs

There are several benefits of working as a delivery driver. Work-related stress is typically low as the environments for couriers are not your typical office environment with strict bosses micro-managing your every move. Essentially, you usually have control over your own hours, your commitment to the position does not have to be limiting nor too important and the pay turnaround is quick.

To be more specific, here are the huge and general pros of working as a delivery driver:

Flexible earnings and likelihood of tips

In the delivery industry, one usually has a lot of control over the hours they work, which equates to having more control over your earnings. There is also greater potential for the reward of tips if you are doing your job well.

Flexible working hours/control over schedule

A huge advantage to working in the delivery industry is that you can fit in delivery jobs around existing commitments. You have more control over when and how often you work as you are only paid in most cases for the number of deliveries you complete.

Quick pay turnaround

As a delivery driver you are paid more frequently than in a traditional office based job (typically monthly). With some food delivery apps such as UberEats you can even get paid weekly.

Greater independence at work

Riding around during the day offers delivery drivers a whole lot of freedom. Many people prefer this over sitting in an office environment. As a delivery driver you do not have a boss directing you every 5 minutes. You work independently and you focus on your own tasks, this differs highly from most conventional jobs.

Reduced work related stress

As a delivery driver it is unlikely that you ‘take work home with you’ meaning less pressure carrying over into your personal life. The stressful days are unlikely since tasks are straightforward, and there is no pressure from your peers to perform like you would in an office environment. If you are using a bicycle, cycling also reduces stress as you exercise on the go!

Low commitment

As a delivery driver you can often pick and choose which jobs you wish to take on. This means that if for some reason you need to alter your work schedule, you are usually able to do so with little resistance. You typically don’t have to be engaged with a position for long periods of time. Moreover you can typically choose how many hours you work, and agency allows you to feel more comfortable and committed to your job.

benefits of the best delivery driver jobsThe top 5 best delivery driver jobs 

Package delivery

In package delivery, your role entails picking up packages and delivering them in due time at the correct location. Your responsibilities include unloading packages and bringing them to people’s homes or businesses. You’ll also have to drive to the correct location.

Mail delivery

Mail carriers, or letter carriers arrange and deliver mail. The UK companies which offer mail delivery services are: UKmail, RoyalMail and ParcelForce.

Newspaper delivery

Although the newspaper delivery industry is not as popular as it once was, it still exists and employs people. In newspaper delivery, your role is to collect the newspaper and deliver it to those who have subscribed to the service.

The job requires a lot of driving and travel. If there are problems with delivery or weather conditions, the newspaper deliverer will likely have to sort that themselves as well. This job typically involves working early hours. 

Multi drop delivery

Multi drop delivery entails the courier delivering multiple things in a single delivery shift, rather than 10 couriers each individually delivering one thing each. Multi-drop delivery drivers make more money than other delivery jobs, also since tasks are more important and regular.

Food delivery

Food delivery drivers typically pick up food from a restaurant or a shop and deliver food instantly once a customer has requested it. Food delivery jobs are very useful since they are low commitment and easy to find.

There are a wide range of food delivery companies for which you can work for, which makes it easier to find a position. In the UK, JustEat, UberEats and Deliveroo are popular options. The entry requirements will depend on the company, but you typically only need a smartphone,  and sometimes a bike (and energy)!

It is important to remember that the backgrounds of food delivery drivers vary depending on their location, for some people it is a side job for “beer money”, (namely for students), for others it is their main source of income.

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How to choose the right delivery driver job for you

Now that you know more about the delivery industry, which one is the right one for you? Which one pays the most? How do you get access to such jobs?

1. Package delivery

To work in package delivery, you’ll also need a drivers licence, basic english at least, and good customer service skills. Depending on the company for which you work for, perhaps you’ll be having to lift heavier packages, thus being physically capable of doing so may also be important.

2. Mail delivery

Good customer service and driver’s licence with less than 6 penalty points.

3. Newspaper delivery

In order to become a newspaper delivery driver you must have a valid and clean driving licence, as well as the time and motivation to work during late or very early hours. Newspaper delivery pay will depend on routes, travel and tips.

4.  Food delivery

To work in food delivery in the UK, the requirements are straightforward and easy to attain. You do not need much. You’ll need a helmet, a phone where you can download an app in, and with certain companies you’ll have to buy the company bag and have your own bicycle?. Some of the biggest food delivery companies in the UK are JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats.

5.  Multidrop delivery:

In the UK, in terms of licences, you only need a B drivers licence, and distances travelled are not extremely far. You’ll mainly be travelling in between homes and depots/large businesses. Multi drop drivers can be employed or self-employed.

Now that you have the information on different delivery jobs, do not hesitate to check out the jobs we offer:

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Delivery jobs vary in possibilities and requirements. There are several positive aspects in these types of jobs which are generally associated with increased freedom, low commitment and easy entry level into the position.

Such advantages are associated with these types of jobs in general, regardless of whether you are delivering food or parcels. Does this interest you? Are you looking for a delivery job? Sign up to our Courier Club today and join a global community of drivers!

With us, you’ll be able to perfect your skills and become the best delivery person! Moreover, we’ll help you find the best delivery jobs on the market. Check out our job board here:

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Is being a delivery driver stressful?

Being a delivery driver is not necessarily stressful, there can be moments of busier hours but overall it is not an insanely competitive job.

What skills do you get from being a delivery driver?

As a delivery driver you master time management, how to work independently and discipline.

Is working for a food delivery service worth it?

Your experience as a food delivery driver will depend on what you’re looking for exactly. It will depend on how much money you’d like to make and how you want to combine work with your existing commitments.

What basic skills should all drivers have?

All drivers should have basic navigation skills and good customer service.

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